How To Disconnect Sprayer Hose From Delta Faucet: A Beginner’s Guide

It’s pretty rare to encounter any glitch in Delta faucets given the fact that they manufacture some of the finest faucets & fittings. But even if your faucet happens to cause any mischief, you can still get away. If the sprayer hose is the one causing all the mishap, then just change it!

In case you don’t know how to disconnect sprayer hose from delta faucet, don’t worry, we got it covered for you. So without any further ado, let’s guide you to the tutorial—

How To Disconnect Sprayer Hose From Delta Faucet

There can be occasions when either the sprayer or the faucet can go bad, and one of them comes with water. Or perhaps the sprayer hose has leaks, and it requires replacement. Or maybe you’re trying to repair the sink without the sprayer pipe and want a different form of the water tap.

You can see just how to disconnect the sprayer hose from your Delta faucet in this article. It’s a snap to learn how to detach the sprayer hose once you understand how a faucet sprayer works.

Let’s first learn how the sprayer hose is attached to the faucet to help you understand the mechanism more quickly—

How A Sprayer Hose Connects With A Faucet

Depending on your faucet type, there can be a few types of connection between a faucet and a sprayer hose. Firstly, if the faucet of your sink is a sprayer type faucet, there may be no sprayer hose at all. Because the main water supply will end up supplying only the sprayer.

On the other hand, if the sprayer & faucet is different, we have to use an additional tube to connect the sprayer with the water supply. And that tube is known as the sprayer hose. The sprayer hose first connects with the main water supply and then with the sprayer, making an uninterrupted water line.

The junction of the sprayer hose & faucet hose will have a divider so that both the faucet & sprayer has a water supply. And that’s the anatomy of the water supply of your kitchen.

There are mainly three different styles of Delta faucets with sprayer hose. They are—

Style 1

The kitchen faucet center is set with two handles: the faucet, the shut-off valves for hot and cold water, and the veggie sprayer are placed on the sink in a line.

Style 2

Widespread kitchen faucet with a single handle. It has one handle and a separate veggie sprayer.

Style 3

Single handle kitchen pullout faucet: the spout of the faucet doubles as the veggie sprayer.

Identify the form you have and execute the instructions accordingly.

Anyways, now that you know the connection between these two, let’s move on to the tutorial—

Step 1: The Basics

Shut off the water supply and, by running the sprayer, pump the remaining water into the hose.

Stage 2: Unplugging The Hose

The first thing that you need to do in any of these Delta faucet styles disconnects the sprayer hose from the outlet drain. Since this is a snap-on link, it is simple. Follow the steps below:

Below the counter, reach down and find the outlet channel. Identify the sprayer hose linked to it.

Check if the sprayer hose is secured to the outlet tube by a clip. If so, unclip it and safely put it away (you need it to fasten the sprayer hose back on).

Place the bucket so that any excess water can flow into the bucket when you detach the sprayer hose (from both the outlet tube and sprayer hose).

Depending on your connection, you may need to push down or pull on the connection to disconnect the sprayer hose.

A weight would be put through the sprayer hose in the case of a pull-out type of faucet. Now delete it.

Step 3: Removing the Head of the Sprayer

We’ve got to cut the head of the sprayer now. For Type 1 and type 2 of Delta Kitchen Faucets, follow these steps:

By turning the slide nut anti-clockwise, release the sprayer head from the hose.

Remove and hold aside the spray head.

Step 4: Nearly There…

Pull the sprayer hose out.

Step 5: The Signs of Leaks Search

Check for leakage on the sprayer hose and corrosion on the sprayer head. You will want to repair the sprayer hose if leaks have occurred.

Step 6: Place the Back of the Hose

If nothing is wrong, bring it back together. Follow the steps below:

  • Attach the hose back to the head of the sprayer.
  • For style 1 and style 2 faucets, bring the hose through the sprayer’s hole.
  • For the pull out kind, bring the hose through the faucet’s neck.
  • Make sure the sprayer heads are back in place entirely.
  • Reach and find the outlet tube below the counter.
  • Put the sprayer hose over the weight for the pull-out form.
  • Link the outlet tube with the sprayer hose.
  • If it came with a clip, you might protect it.
  • To make sure it is safe, tug a bit on the sprayer hose.

Step 7: If Something Is Broken, Fix (Optional)

Re-open the supply lines for water. To see if there are any leakages, run the faucet and the sprayer. If there are still leaks (although Delta assemblies are very unlikely, unless their snap-on mechanism is loose), use some silicon glue on that region.

You have the sprayer hose removed by now and bring it back together. And you didn’t need someone else to help you out either!

Final Words

So that’s the end of this tutorial. From now you won’t have to struggle finding the tutorial of how to disconnect sprayer hose from Delta faucet. If you need to replace the sprayer faucet sometimes, have a go at this tutorial & try it out! Happy hustling!

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