How To Use Rival Rice Cooker

Rice cooker is arguably an ideal cooking appliance to prepare rice nowadays. Yes, you can use a normal pot to cook rice. But a Rival rice cooker performs great to keep your rice warm for a certain period for emergencies. No matter if it is Basmati or Brown rice, cooking has never been so easy in such cookers. However, many of us actually don’t know how to use Rival rice cooker. 

If you are also one of them, this guide can be helpful for you indeed. Even if Rival has a variety of models with different features, most of them operate similarly under the common working principle. Here, we will know the basic rules of using a Rival rice cooker.

How To Use Rival Rice Cooker

Things You’ll Need

To make rice with a Rival cooker, you don’t need a big list of items. But we are going to mention them anyway: 

  • Rice

  • Water

  • Measuring cup

  • Mixing bowl

  • Rival rice cooker

  • Rice ladle

Now let’s have a look at the steps that you need to follow for the process:

Step 1

First of all, measure the amount of rice that you want to cook. Most Rival cookers come with ⅔ cup measuring cups. And, for 2 cups of rice, you need to fill up the ⅔ cups. After fixing the required amount of rice, pour water in rice bowl and rinse them. Dump the water after rinsing rice thoroughly for a while. 

Step 2

Secondly, put the rinsed rice into the inner pot. And, add water into the rice bowl. The water level needs to reach the right numbered mark on the inner pot to match the uncooked rice amount.

For that reason, if you place 3 cup of rice on the pot, pour water in rice bowl till it reaches the mark “3”. If there is any leftover water dripping down in the pot’s outer part, wipe it properly. 

Step 3

Now it’s time to place the inner pot inside the rice cooker. Make sure the pot has proper contact with the heating plate of the cooker. In the case of Rival cookers, you can do that by rotating the inner pot side to side. 

Step 4

Next, place the lid on the cooker. And, turn it on by plugging it into the electrical socket.

Step 5

In this step, you have to enable the cooking process. Press the “Cook” button to do so. Check out if the indicator light is shining to get the confirmation. After the evaporation process, this light will turn off. Then, the indicator with “Keep Warm” words will light. 

Step 6

If you wish to have fluffier rice, allow the rice to stand for around 20 minutes before removing the lid. 

Step 7

Finally, remove the lid and serve the cooked rice with the ladle of Rival rice cooker. Here, the ladle will ensure the protection of the inner pot’s nonstick surface. 

Tips To Use The Rival Rice Cooker

Cooking in Rival Rice Cooker requires some specific rules to follow. Most importantly, it depends on the type of rice. There are various types of rice available to cook in a rice cooker. Let’s look at some of the rice cooker instructions:

  • Follow the markings on your cooking pot if there are any to ensure ideal flavor to rice. Because the wrong assumption of the rice-water ratio could spoil the taste of cooked rice later. 

  • Don’t forget to soak the Basmati rice before cooking to help the grains grow full length.

  • Ensure adding more water as compared to others in the case of Arborio and Brown rice.

  • Wash the cooker after each use. Such a practice will prevent the bacteria from building up in the kitchen tool. 

  • Always dump the leftover water from the dew tray after every use. 

  • Maintain a safe distance from the cooker during the process to avoid any sudden injury. 

What Is The Ideal Ratio Of Water To Rice In A Rice Cooker?

If you want to have deliciously cooked rice in your cooker, you have to add the right proportions of rice and water. Generally, the ideal ratio of water to rice in such a cooker is 1:1. In other words, you have to add 1 cup water to cook 1 cup rice. 

However, we suggest taking a look at the rice cooker manual to add specific rations as per the cooker model. Otherwise, pouring excess water might spoil the whole process.

Final Words

Having rice with a variety of foods is tempting indeed. You can taste different foods like fish flakes, frozen vegetables, frozen fish and many more. Cooking that rice in a rice cooker isn’t that hard to do in daily life.

But if you are not aware of the right technique, all your efforts might go in vain. Hence, our guide on how to use Rival Rice Cooker will help you in following the right steps to cook rice.

Now as you know the overall process, it is high time you should get your hands on your rice cooker to have the real taste of rice.

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