Who Makes The Best Air Fryer

Everyone is fond of crispy fried foods. But the oil used in these meals is a bit unhealthy. Now what if we tell you that you can even have those delicious foods without too much oil? Yes, you heard it right. Thanks to the air fryer that can be an amazing addition to your kitchen. Now the question arises who makes the best air fryer?

If your answer is no, you are not alone. In fact, there are plenty of manufacturers that make the best air fryers in the market. For your convenience, we will help you find this versatile appliance to fill up your appetite in the best possible healthy way. Now let’s start:

Who Makes The Best Air Fryer

We checked out different fryers of world-class brands. In the end, we came to the conclusion that Philips makes the best air fryer. The company started its journey of air fryers in 2010. Since then, they have been making this kitchen appliance with an immense reputation. 

Types of Philips Air Fryer 

Philips air fryers have two different types: Essential Collection and Premium Collection.

Essential Collection

When it comes to cooking with perfection, no other fryers can do it swiftly like the Essential air fryers of Philips. This is a digital air fryer that comes with a unique “starfish” design. Due to this shape, the pan provides swift airflow so that you can cook food quickly as well as evenly. 

It swirls hot air to serve the purpose of making crispy foods with 90% less fat. Moreover, it has a digital touch screen to help you decide your cooking temperature.

This digital air fryer can cook any air fryer recipes from frying to baking and even reheating that includes a wide variety of foods like frozen foods (chicken nuggets, chicken wings). Some of the exclusive Philips Essential air fryers are: 

  • HD9270/91 airfryer 

  • HD9252/91 airfryer 

Premium Collection

If you never heard of Fat Removal Technology, it’s time to know about it now. Because only Philips Premium air fryers come with this innovative technology to extract the extra fat from the food. Don’t worry about the taste of the meal. In fact,  these premium fryers ensures delicious, crispy and crunchy food. 

With a powerful 1725W heater, this unique technology helps the hot air to swirl fast. Hence, proper heat distribution happens throughout the cooking basket. These fryers do more than just frying foods. They even roast, grill, bake different air fryer recipes of your own choice. Some worth mentioning Premium Philips air fryers are: 

  • HD9650/96 air fryer 

  • HD9630/98 air fryer 

  • HD9741/96 air fryer

Features of Philips Air Fryer

Rapid Air Technology 

Generally, Philips air fryers come with some outstanding technologies. Rapid air technology is obviously one of them. With this technology, the circulation of hot air takes place throughout the air fryer oven around the food. As a result, the temperature inside the fryer increases up to 200 degree celsius. And, that allows the food to cook perfectly with no issue.  

Abundant Cooking Options

Philips air fryer provides multiple options to choose from while cooking any food. If you want a spicy grilled chicken menu, Philips fryer gives you that freedom. Alternatively, you can taste fried chicken items with these fryers as well. Moreover, Philips air fryer allows you to bake pizza or any other delicious food to satisfy your cravings. 

Free Philips Kitchen+ App 

For the ease of cooking a new item, Philips has an innovative app that contains hundreds of recipes. Based on your preferences, you can cook any healthy meal and eat to your heart’s content. Also, the app has a list of ingredients for each recipe. So you will never be out of clue what items to buy before trying a new meal. 

Final Words

If you want to taste crispy fried foods with a healthy cooking process, an air fryer is a much better choice than a deep fryer. Probably you were in a dilemma to identify who makes the best air fryer.

In this regard, we can say Philips air fryer is arguably the best possible choice to bring in your kitchen. Now make the most of your fryer and have crispy foods at home with zero health concerns. 

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