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There’s no explanation needed for why people are so crazy about food. Of course it’s a basic need, we can’t live without food. But food is such a thing that is important for not only countervailing our body but also quenching the dearth of our soul.

To us, food is not merely an element to satisfy your hunger, it’s an experience. This is the universal thing that brings everyone together, irrespective of their country, language, or culture. And the kitchen is the thing that makes it possible.

The kitchen is the heart of any house, it’s the place where we start our day by making our breakfast & end by washing the dishes after dinner. But it’s the 21st century and nobody has the time to spend all day in the kitchen. It’s not an era to work hard, rather to work smart.

To make it possible, a well-decorated & well-equipped kitchen is a part & parcel element of any house. Modern technology has blessed us with automatic helping hands in the name of “Kitchen Appliances”.

The kitchen appliances are the magic tools that save time & labor and make our life more effortless. We all know how much it pains to wash the dishes at late night after having dinner. Thanks to dishwashers, we won’t have to go to bed feeling guilty at midnight.

A kitchen appliance can be both rewarding & troublesome at the same time. Sometimes they become a pain in our ass instead of being our sidekicks. For example, a broken refrigerator is worse than having no refrigerator at all. Like that, a blunt knife is good for nothing.

You’ll continue to suffer with these useless junk if you don’t buy the right stuff. And to help you with that, we founded Koppliance, the one-stop platform for kitchen appliance reviews.

You might be thinking there’s plenty of websites that review kitchen appliances or accessories, how are we different? Well, we think our experience makes us different. All of our team members belong to the kitchen industry with extensive experience in food & kitchen.

A major part of our team worked at some renowned appliance brands in the quality control section and we know how to test an appliance! We try and test the appliances & find out the best of them. A lot of our friends and relatives have equipped their kitchen as per our suggestion, and they’re more than happy.

So, is it only an appliance review site? It’s certainly not! We collaborated with some of the best home cooks in our area to write about food & kitchen tips. So that you can find the solution to every single problem you may face in the kitchen. We were not born as a kitchen expert, we also had rough times in our kitchen. So we know what problems are common in the kitchen & how to solve them.

We really hope, one day, Koppliance will be everyone’s go-to platform for kitchen & food-related problems. Our passion for this sector makes us different than anyone in this industry. So you can put your trust in us without any hesitation.

If you have any concerns about us, please send us an email at info@koppliance.com .Happy cooking!

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Enjoying my life as a QCA at a kitchen appliance company, found a new passion for writing food articles