How To Reheat Steak In Air Fryer: Say Goodbye To Rubbery Steaks

Steaks are such a dish that can go horribly wrong just by cooking it for an extra few minutes. Nobody wants to eat a tough & rubbery steak, so we are always careful not to cook it for a long time.

Reheating steaks means heating the steak again for a few minutes, which will cook the steak even further. So reheating steaks may seem like destroying the dish. But if you can follow a few tricks & tips, you can save your steak and also you’ll be able to enjoy it just as hot as you wanted.

In this post, we are going to show how to reheat steak in air fryer. If you don’t have an air fryer, don’t worry. We will guide you to reheat your steak in the microwave & the stovetop too! So without further ado, let’s begin—

All About Reheating Steaks

We have already talked about how reheating your steaks can actually destroy your dish. But a cold steak is worse than eating a tough steak.

The goal should be warming up the steak without letting it get dry. You should heat it through, yet the steak will be juicy & tender. So what’s the secret? It actually depends on the appliance that you’re using, you can use your air fryer or microwave, or stovetop oven. Let’s start with the air fryer first—

How To Reheat Steak In Air Fryer

In order to reheat your steak in the air fryer, you’ll need an air fryer that will fit your steak properly. Check if your air fryer basket can accommodate the piece of steak without folding. If it does, follow the instructions below—

Determine The Doneness

First, determine the doneness of your steak. Keep in mind that your steak will reach the next level of doneness when you’ll be reheating it. Usually, we all keep our steaks medium rare, so reheating it may turn it into a medium steak. Don’t panic already, a medium steak is still juicy & tender, you’ll enjoy every bit of it.

And if your steak is rare, you can easily heat it through without any chance of getting it overcooked. Medium steaks are still okay to heat up, there’s no harm in eating a well done steak. But don’t try to reheat your steak if it’s already well done. Because it will turn out to have a rubbery texture, giving an unpleasant experience.

Bring To Room Temperature

Another important thing about preheating any steak is bringing it to room temperature. You can’t throw your cold steak in a hot air fryer, it will toughen the meat even further. So, after taking your steak out of the refrigerator, leave it until it reaches room temperature.

Preheat Your Air Fryer

Anyways, the best way to preheat your steaks is using a very hot air fryer. So preheat your air fryer before you reheat your steak. You can follow guide on how to preheat an air fryer and preheat it up real quick.

Put Your Steak In The Basket

Now, take out the basket and put your steak in there. Make sure not to fold the steak inside the basket, cut it into half if necessary. Place the basket back to the air fryer immediately once you put the steak in it.


Now heat up your steak at 350 F for only 2 minutes. Don’t worry, 2 minutes is enough to warm up the meat since the air fryer is already preheated.


Once 2 minutes is over, turn off the air fryer and rest it for 1 minute. The residual heat will warm it through if it hasn’t been heated through. Now take it out of the air fryer and rest it on a plate for 5 minutes. This is important, it will help regain the moisture and keep the steak juicy.

Serving Instruction

After 5 minutes, you are done reheating your steak. Now, remember, the steak can be a little bit on the drier side. So, we suggest serving the steak with a side sauce or gravy. It will make it juicy & enhance the flavor.

Now that you know the process of reheating your steak with an air fryer, let’s learn the procedure for other appliances too.

How To Reheat Steaks In Microwave

For reheating steaks in the microwave, keep it on a microwave safe plate. You don’t need to thaw the steak, just reheat the steak right from the refrigerator.

Enter the plate of steak. Now turn on your microwave and use the warm mode. Warm the steak for a good 1 minute & take it out immediately. Serve with your favorite sauces & gravies.

To be honest, we think the microwave kills off the flavor of the steak. We microwaved our steak to reheat it and we were not satisfied with the result. It wasn’t as juicy as the air fryer reheated steak. If you don’t have any other options, use the microwave to warm up your steak.

How To Reheat Steaks On Stovetop

If you know how to grill steaks on a stovetop, this process should be easy for you. The method is a little different, we will kind of poach the steak instead of grilling it on high heat.

For starter, heat up a dollop of butter & let it melt. Keep the heat on medium and add the steak. Now you can baste the steak with butter if you want. But don’t add any herbs or garlic if your steak is already seasoned. Flip the side after 1 minute & again, baste on top.

After 1 minute, take out the steak from the pan & rest it for 2 more minutes. Now cut the steak into bite size pieces & serve with your preferred sauces & gravies.

How To Use Leftover Beef Steaks

Sometimes, reheating the steak is not an option, especially when you have already cooked it too much. In that case, you can use your leftover beef steaks to make some dishes instead of reheating them. Here are some brilliant ideas to use your leftover beef steaks—

Cold Beef Sandwich

Cold beef sandwiches are one of the best lunch items because it is super easy to make. Plus you don’t need to warm up the leftover steak to make this, so the beef stays juicy & tender.

First, cut your steak into thin slices. Try to cut against the grain, so the meat becomes more tender. Take your bread, and spread some mayo over it.

Thinly slice some onions and put them in a single layer. Now put the steak in a single layer, you can use as much beef as you like.

Then, put a slice of cheese. This is totally optional, you can skip it if you want. But the cheese will add a nice touch of saltiness & richness to the sandwich.

Now cover that with another piece of bread. Spread some butter on both sides. Now grill that on your fry pan or grill pan until it turns golden or the cheese gets melty. Wrap it with aluminum foil & pack it for your lunchbox. Enjoy your lunch!

Pulled Beef Sliders

Your leftover beef steak is also a great ingredient for pulled beef sliders. Take two forks and shred the beef. Now add some BBQ sauce & put the mixture inside the dinner rolls. Easy & flavorful pulled beef sliders ready to enjoy!

Mexican Steak Tacos (Carne Asada Tacos)

Carne Asada Taco is one of our favorite dishes to make with leftover beef steaks. Reheat the beef as per our instruction & cut it into thick slices.

Now warm up some tortillas & make some guacamole & salsa. Add the pieces of beef steak to tortilla & top it with guacamole, salsa shredded cheese, sour cream, and finally some cilantro. Enjoy your Carne Asada Taco hot!

Final Words

That’s the end of this post. I hope you have completely understood how to reheat steak in air fryer. Try out our methods & let us know which one worked the best for you. Happy cooking!

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