How to Reheat Rice in Rice Cooker

When you have left over rice that has just gone a little cold, you need to know how to reheat rice in rice cooker. You’re not a perfect cook. I understand. You measured but you weren’t miserly. Now, all that perfectly prepared rice only needs to warm up a little bit and that’ll be all for now.

It is easy as it can get. Rice cooker is made for preparing rice. It transforms the small grain of wonder into small fluffy bundles of joy.

So, its ok to say that most rice cookers you can buy are expert enough to know what to do with your food. How to bake ‘em or how to heat ‘em up as well.

warm rice cooker

How you can warm up rice in rice cooker

You do not need to worry about stirring, adding more water, or checking the heat while it warms up, the rice cooker does it all for you.

Heating up rice in the rice cooker only requires you to follow a few simple steps. Do the step by step patiently and your will have warm fresh rice in no time


  • First, take the leftover rice on a bowl
  • Clean the pan of the rice cooker before using it.
  • Break the rice with your hand or a spoon. You can wash the leftover rice if you like.
  • Take the pan and place the rice inside.
  • Shake the pane lightly lifting it up. This will position the grains well.
  • Then add in a table spoon of fresh water. Do it proportionately. If you have little rice, use less water.
  • Close the lid with the pan inside the cooker.
  • Pres the warm up or reheat button and let it do its work.

(Note: Most Cookers have the reheat button on the panel. The option is there for you to keep the rice warm after its cooked for long enough till you serve. Use that option because it will reheat the rice slowly. That’s what you’re looking for. It is best to reheat rice slowly.)

Benefits of rice cooker

Health Benefits of Rice

People, who eat rice for a meal, cannot think of meals without rice in the menu. It makes a very healthy diet as well. Rice can lower cholesterol and reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke.

Since fiber makes you feel full, you may find it easier to maintain weight. Also, brown rice contains vitamins and minerals that help the blood transport oxygen and perform other vital functions.

What else can you do with the rice cooker

Rice Cookers are a very useful tool to have in the kitchen. You can use rice cookers to warm up just more than rice. Yes, it’s true. This small and neat little trick can help your cooking and change the way you think about Rice Cookers. Great little tip, huh!

You can also heat up meat, potatoes, fried rice, veggies. Just put in a little water with the food and it turns out piping hot and not dried out..

Healthy and Safety

  • Do not let the rice rest in the cooker all day or all night.
  • Do not reheat the rice if it is starting to smell and go bad.
  • Try to keep the rice over 140 degrees f. for the heat to eat.
  • Don’t scrub the cooker pan with any metal object. Use the plastic spoon that came with the cooker.
  • Cool down the pan before cleaning.
  • Only clean the parts that are to bake the food with water. Wipe the cooker for dust.
  • Always plug out before handling the electric equipment.

The Takeaway

Now that you know how to reheat rice in rice cooker, warming up the leftover rice should be a task very easy for you. Having a rice cooker really saves the day. It allows you to keep the stove for other things.

Rice takes a little while as we know. Besides, it not only cooks rice, it keeps it war and reheats it when cold. And? You know. And everything else you can heat up really easily just by adding a little water. It comes out hot and dry.

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