How To Arrange Kitchen Accessories: Declutter Your Kitchen!

Getting an organized, clutter-free kitchen makes it all a thousand times simpler, from cooking dinner to making coffee. But what if there are no cabinets in your kitchen? Where are your appliances, dinnerware, and cookies meant to be placed?

The answer is simple, anywhere they can suit. You have to think outside the cabinets since there’s no obvious way of storing utensils, snacks, and accessories. Don’t sweat already, cause we got it covered for you with some tips & tricks on how to arrange kitchen accessories.

So, let’s get started—

How To Arrange Kitchen Accessories

Sometimes organizing the kitchen gives us a really hard time when we own too many kitchen accessories. Or when the appliances or the tools are larger than our expectation, we may have some problem dealing with it. But you can still get away with it by following some smart organizing ideas.

For you, we have listed out some smart tips to tidy up your kitchen. Some tips might sound already familiar to you by the favor of Youtube, but they are too good to skip. Anyways, let’s not waste any more time and check out the ideas—

Trim Down The Appliances

In order to declutter and arrange your kitchen appliances, the very first step is to classify them by use: sometimes used, seldom used, and never used.

It’s essential to allocate it strategically by having appliances that have multiple needs if you really have minimal kitchen storage room.

To ensure that their uses are stable and not one-note, evaluate your equipment. Consider purchasing a high-quality blender, for instance, which can act as a spice grinder.

If you already have a waffle iron, do you really need to have a panini press? A saucepan will produce properly cooked rice in a pot. If you use it regularly, then there is no need for a rice cooker.

Only Daily Favorites In The Kitchen!

These would be the equipment you used once every 3 to 4 months in the kitchen. Suppose: mixer, coffee grinder, waffle maker, frozen yogurt maker, air fryer, you get the idea (unless you’re a devoted coffee maker).

You can keep these appliances on the higher racks or even outside the kitchen. Keeping these appliances in the kitchen would be a waste of your valuable counter space, which will make it harder to find things.

Our suggestion is to keep only certain appliances that have daily use in the kitchen. Like we use our food processor or slow cooker almost every day. So we should keep them in the lower racks to reach them faster.

On the other hand, we may not use our rice cooker every day, unless rice is your main food. Or nobody bakes a cake every day, so they can surely keep their life size stand mixer out of the kitchen. The same goes for an air fryer too.

This is entirely up to you, you know which appliances you use the most. Categorize them into frequent and infrequent usage and make your kitchen clutter free by keeping the infrequent ones away from the kitchen.

Make Seasonal Alterations!

This is another thing that might work for many people. You might be wondering how I can categorize my kitchen accessories based on the season? Well, some appliances do have minimal or no use in certain seasons.

Think of ice cream or frozen yogurt maker, I guess none of you use these appliances in winter. Just like that, your favorite blender might have no use in winter. We mean, smoothie is a summer thing, right?

On the other hand, there are some appliances that would serve greatly in winter, but not much in summer. For example, a countertop dishwasher will have a great use in winter. But you won’t need it once the sun strikes back.

Or even think about the portable room heater that you were using all winter. You don’t need it once the winter ends. So they should go straight to your storeroom.

Just like that, you can make some seasonal alterations in your kitchen by sorting out the appliances according to their seasonal use. This will not only help you to declutter your kitchen but also keep these appliances safe during their off time.

Large Utensils Off The Kitchen

Most of us have large utensils & cookware for cooking food for parties and gatherings. Except that, these are used rather rarely. Plus, these large utensils actually take up a lot of space in the kitchen. So, it’s wise to keep them in your storeroom.

Large utensils are very useful when you’re making a large batch of something. Like cooking Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas dinner, these large scale cookware handles the large batches pretty easily.

You can’t cook in a large pot or pan if you have a smaller family, again you can’t skip buying those large utensils for family gatherings.

Anyways, you can keep them out of the kitchen since you don’t use them frequently. Bring them out whenever you will be making a large batch of sauce to entertain your large family. After you are done, keep them in the storeroom again to keep your kitchen clutter free.

Go Vertical

If your kitchen has an empty wall, it’s time to use that. The vertical organization is really one of our most favorite ideas for saving up the kitchen space.

A little creativity goes a long way, and this vertical organization is going to reward you with more than that.

You can start by installing a pegboard on the wall. We really can’t get over how spectacular a pegboard looks in the kitchen, it just adds a dimension to the kitchen.

Nail some pretty hooks on the pegboard and it’s ready for hanging the utensils! Another way you can use your empty wall is by making some extra shelves.

Install some durable & cute looking shelves which will make an interior statement in your home. Use these shelves to store food jars and cookware. This will look really tidy & elegant.

Sell Off The Extras!

Life is full of bad decisions and extra stuff that you can’t fit into the kitchen. If you search carefully, you will obviously find a lot of stuff that you never used or don’t use anymore. Well, it’s pretty worthless to keep it even in the storeroom let alone in the kitchen.

So what should we do with these useless accessories? Sell them off! One person’s trash is another person’s treasure and your useless kitchen accessory can adorn the kitchen of some other person.

Sell the things that you bought accidentally or used only a few times, you’ll get a good price for it. That way you can make some space in the kitchen.

And also, some extra cash to purchase some important stuff for the kitchen. So it’s kind of a win-win situation for both the seller & the buyer. We think you should definitely sell off the extra stuff in your kitchen.

Wrapping It Up

As you’ve reached the end of this post now, we hope we could give you enough ideas for rearranging your kitchen.

Whenever you’re planning to organize your kitchen, our tips on how to arrange kitchen accessories will be a great help to you. Follow these techniques & make your kitchen tidier than ever! 

Happy cooking!

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