How Long Can You Keep Oil in a Deep Fryer

If you are wondering how long can you keep oil in a deep fryer after use, you are in for a surprise. Word on the wire can seriously change your game. Take a wild guess. Two days or may be seven days. Imagine you can keep oil in your fryer for a month or more than a few months. It all depends the way you preserve your oil.

Done right, it is possible that you can keep oil I the Deep Fryer for a few months. But, You have to know the right way to make that happen.

Oil is the blood for Deep Fryers. If you can save that oil for reuse, it saves a lot. It can all sound fishy right now, but stick with me here, I’ll tell you in the secrets.

The Secret

It takes the right sort of fryer and a good kind of oil.

The Deep Fryer that you have must have a reliable seal. The right sort of deep fryer is the one that has an air tight seal. You can leave the oil in; let it cool down. Leave it in a dark place with tight seal.

The Right Oil Presence of certain compounds indicates degradation oil. Usually, we see the color change. It might start smelling different depending on the type of food that had been cooked in it.

If you fry chicken in the oil, the oil can start changing colors after two to three chickens. If the oil is too dark, discard and start with new oil. Picking the right oil can be healthy added benefit in food and good for healthier skin, hair, and digestive system.

I recommend you use coconut oil because its good for health and can get very high in temperature to fry the food to hell. If you’re the nosey bunch, you can use Canola Oil for good flavor. Just make sure to filter it after frying heavily breaded items.

Oil in a Deep Fryer

How to Store the Oil in Deep Fryer

For ease of understanding, lets divide the steps in three:

  1. Filtering the Oil: You’ll need A Skimme, Cheesecloth, Chinois Funnel and a Storage Container. Follow these steps once your oil is completely cooled:
  • Use a skimmer to remove any food debris that may be floating on the oil’s surface.
  • Drape your cheesecloth over your Chinois to trap small food particles that may have been left behind.
  • Take your Chinois and place it over a funnel over the storage container.
  • Slowly pour your oil over the chinois, through the funnel, and into the storage container.
  1. Sealing the Deep Fryer: To stop the oil from spoiling or going rancid, you’ll need to tightly cover your deep fryer with a lid, saran wrap, or another suitable cover. Make sure that your deep fryer is properly sealed off.
  2. Keep the Deep Fryer in a Cool and Dark Place: Light and heat can propagate the oil to spoil. Some people even consider storing their deep fryers in their refrigerators. If you have another cool, dark place in mind, you should use it.

Deep Fryer Oil Safely

How to Dispose of Deep Fryer Oil Safely

  • Make sure your oil is completely cooled down before disposing.
  • DO NOT dispose of deep fryer oil down the drain of your sink.
  • Find an appropriate disposal center that recycles oil if possible.
  • Pour the cooled oil into a sealable bag and dispose of it in the trash. Check that there are no rips, tears, or holes in the bag before putting in trash.

Benefits of Deep Fryer


  • You’re right, it saves money.
  • It also reduces waste.
  • You can use the flavor of different food and experiment with the dish.
  • It saves time. You won’t need to refill it that often
  • Besides, you will need to clean the thing less because it will be less dirty if you do it right.

The Takeaway

Now you know the secret of keeping your oil in deep fryer for hopefully long enough. Make sure you do everything in accordance to do it right. And follow all safety measures. Oil can be a messy thing to handle. Even more so when it is dirty. Take assistance. A clumsy job can cause health hazards.

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