Best Air Fryers Under 100 in 2021

Are you looking for the best Air Fryer under 100 dollars? Well, you’ve stumbled upon your destination. Here we have a list of 20 bet air fryers under $100 in 2021. You’ll detailed information about the product with pros and cons and the buying guide. By the end of the page, you’ll know what you want the most.

Air Fryers are an amazing little accessory to crisp up your meals whenever you want. They are easy to use and clean. If you want to have a fried chicken an some deep fried onions, an air fryer in the kitchen means you’ll only need turn on the switches and heat up the oil.

Forget Chickens, you can fry anything in the deep fryer. Like vegetable and even some fruit. It’s not like the Air Fryer is going to spit out the food it doesn’t like. Ergo, it allows you to experiment with different types of food.

Buying Guide for a Decent Air Fryer

There are enough Air Fryers in the market ready for you to take home which will make the decision of buying one ever more difficult. Unless, you know what you are looking for. Four important things you have to keep in mind before you start looking.

  • How big of an Air Fryer will satisfy you?
  • Do you want presets? And if you do, what are the presets you are looking for?
  • What are the additional features you want in your Fryer?
  • And finally the price tag. For this list, we have only included the ones that are less than a $100.

Look for these features

The Capacity: The way it is measures is in quarts. Just remember, the more quarts the bigger, the less the smaller. If you’re cooking for your family or hosting a dinner party, you’ll probably want a larger air fryer.

Additional Features: Look for ones that also allows you to cook food differently. Like: toaster ovens, dehydrators, rotisserie cookers, Instant Pot, grilling and reheating options.

Health and economic benefits: Some Air Fryers do not require any oil. Those are the one that are more healthy. Besides, you save oil money and the cleaning becomes easier. Usually, such models also reduces fat levels in food.

Non-Sticky Parts: The basket or for the matter, any integral part that prepares food should be no-sticky. They the food won’t stick and the taste will be good. There will be no smell later on. These elements will slowly wear out. Enquire how you can easily replace them.

Top 10  Best Air Fryers Under $100

Air Fryers are a wonderful upgrade for your kitchen and for your cooking just under 100 dollars. Yes, they are not very expensive. Well, there are expensive air fryers that go beyond that threshold.

But, those are the gigantic ones that you see in big fancy restaurants for commercial use. It is possible to get a decent and reliable air fryer just under $100 for use at home. Here are the one that you should be looking into:

1. Innsky Air Fryer XL, 5.8 QT, 1700W Electric Stainless Steel Hot Air Fryers Oven

The Innsky Air Fryer XL is the opener of the list. It’s amazing style and varied options makes it a great choice for under $100. This is a deal you win.


Highlighted Features

  • 5.8 Quarts of capacity 
  • 1700W Electrical system with 110V
  • It has a 360°circulating hot air system
  • Digital one-touch screen menu features 7 Preset
  • Has a temperature range of 180℉ to 400 ℉
  • Stainless steel body guarantees durability
  • You get a nonstick dishwasher-safe basket
  • Elegant Design

Innsky Air Fryer XL, 5.8 QT

Electric Stainless Steel Hot Air Fryer Oven Pros & Cons


  • Reduce 85% less fat compared with traditional deep frying method
  • 4 times faster than conventional ovens
  • Allows you to grill, bake, fry and roast book at your will
  • The basket allows for larger cooking capacity than round ones
  • Zero odors or smell during cooking
  • Delay start feature lets you set cooking task ahead of time
  • Keep warm function allows you to keep the food at the best taste
  • Comes with a recipe book including 32 recipes


  • The buttons make loud beeping noise
  • Doesn’t have a separate function for toaster

2. GoWISE USA Digital Air Fryer

On the second spot we have for you the GoWISE USA 1700-Watt 5.8-QT 8-in-1 Digital Air Fryer. The USA engraved on the lid assures you something.

With less than a $100 you get a good looking Air Fryer that also has many other benefits, some of which are:


Highlighted Features

  • A very modern design
  • 170Advanced built-in touch screen menu featuring 8 cooking presets0W Electrical system with 110V
  • 5.8 Quarts of food capacity
  • The temperature range from 180Fahrenheit to 400Fahrenheit in 10 degree increments
  • Cooking timer up to 30 minutes
  • New built-in alarm function
  • Comes with non-stick pan and detachable basket equipped with a cool touch handle and button guard to prevent accidental detachment
  • This recipe book that comes with it is filled with 50 recipes specifically made for GoWISE USA Air Fryers
  • 1700W Electrical system and It comes in Black

GoWISE USA Air Fryer 

Ultimate Digital Air Fryer Pros & Cons


  • Allows you to fry, bake, grill, and roast with little to no oil. Make crispy fried chicken, steak, French fries, pizza and much more
  • The Pan is PFOA free
  • Featuring a new Start/Stop button to change time and temperature in the middle of a cook cycle
  • The alarm function reminds you to shake your ingredients in 5, 10, 15 minute increments
  • Offers a 30-day money back Guarantee, 1-year warranty and forever support from Gowise customer care
  • Registered products receive an additional 60 days of Warranty coverage


  • The basket is dish washable but prolonged use will degrade coating and result in rusting. This may happen after years of use. Hardly in a few month will you notice. Besides, you can get a fresh replacement basket. So, no worries
  • Baskets, handles and pans are warranted for 30 days only from the date of purchase.

3. Dash DFAF455GBAQ01 Deluxe Electric Air Fryer

The Dash Deluxe Air fryer is another tech wiz that is easily an impressive one. It’s crazy what you can get under a $100 these days.

It even has a auto shut down feature. It is the number 9 in Amazon’s Launch-pad Kitchen. How cool is that?


Highlighted Features

  • A large 6 QUART CAPACITY
  • 1700W Electrical system
  • Comes with non-stick basket and tray
  • Temperature control up to 400 degrees
  • Made of plastic and metal
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Includes a recipe book and recipe database access
  • Available in Black, White, Red, and Aqua
  • Dash is a U S based company who provides contact information in each product manual
  • 30 min auto shutoff timer

Dash Air Fryer [ DFAF455GBAQ01 ]

Deluxe Electric Air Fryer Oven Pros & Cons


  • Air crisp technology instead of oil
  • PFOA free
  • Reduces fat in food by 70-80% without sacrificing flavor
  • The basket allows for larger cooking capacity than round ones
  • Can handle everything from individual meals to larger dinners for the entire family.
  • Nonstick coating on the crisper tray and crisper basket makes cleaning easy and eliminates build-up
  • Gives precise control over temperature


  • There is a learning curve as with any new appliance
  • The non stick coating may peel off after a certain time. But, fresh ones are easy to get and aren’t very expensive

4. Sboly 8-in-1 6.3Qt Air fryer

It gets bigger and bigger as we go deeper into the groove. Here you have the Sboly 8-in-1 6.3Qt Air fryer. Here are its feats to serve your delight


Highlighted Features

  • Comes in a stylish Black
  • LCD Digital Touch Screen
  • 6.3Qt of internal capacity
  • Standard voltage 110V
  • Disperses superheated air at a rate of 1800 rpm utilizing 360-degree high-speed hot air circulation technology
  • Water-based Non-stick Coating Grill Shelf and Frying Basket
  • Temperature range from 180F to 400F and a timer for up to 60 minutes
  • The grill shelf has a adjustable handle, which makes it convenient to take out the shelf from the air fryer
  • The air fryer includes a pair of FDA approved locking food tongs, which is made of premium silicone and stainless steel
  • Comes with a recipe book including 45 unique and interesting recipes

Sboly Air Fryer [ 8 in 1 – 6.3 Qt ]

Sboly Air Fryer Pros & Cons 


  • Adjustable time and temperature to customize various cooking needs
  • Easy to Clean
  • Long lasting anti stick layer of protection
  • Cooks the food at 360 degrees, forming a golden crispy surface, and offering a deep-fried taste without the oil, fat, or calories
  • Has the ability to serve 3-6 people at a time


  • During the air frying process, hot steam is released through the air exhaust openings
  • Please read the instruction manual carefully to know the do’s and don’ts. It has many discrepancies with your everyday fryers.

5. Chefman TurboFry 3.6-Quart Air Fryer

Chefman has come up with this out of the box stylish analog matte black TurboFry 3.6 quart Air Fryer. It’s a beauty on the kitchen counter as it is no at that sizable. But, first glace on it compels attention. Here’s what you get


Highlighted Features

  • Dual knob controls both time and temperature
  • 1200 Watts/120 Volts Electrical System
  • 60-minute integrated timer
  • The 2-in-1 tank & basket
  • 3.6 Quart of internal capacity
  • Nonstick basket, QuickStart Guide and Recipe Book
  • cETL approved with advanced safety technology for long lasting durability
  • Elegant Design

Chefman TurboFry Air Fryer [ 3.6-Quart ]

Chefman TurboFry Pros & Cons


  • 1-year hassle-free assurance provided by Chefman
  • Allows you to bake, fry and roast.
  • The ability to cook enough for a hungry crowd
  • Automatically shuts off once food is done
  • Dishwasher safe for easy clean-up


  • Need some getting used to for perfecting the dishes.
  • Some people find it difficult taking this air fryer out of the box. But, it’s a good thing for you it protects the equipments

6. GoWISE USA GW22956 7-Quart Electric Air Fryer

This GoWise Usa GW22956 is a special one for you. It is a win-win and great value for money. It still fascinates me how we can have a product like this in under $100 list


Highlighted Features

  • Extra-large cooking capacity of 7 Quarts
  • Has 8 different cooking functions
  • The large control panel features a full touch-screen menu
  • Timer up to 60 minutes
  • Temperature range from 180°f to 400°f.
  • The built-in dehydrate function is designed with a temperature range from 90°f to 170°F and a timer from 2-24 hours
  • Comes with 3 stackable racks
  • The removable pan and crisper tray are coated with PFOA-free non-stick material
  • Comes with a recipe book that contains 100 recipes

GoWISE USA Electric Air Fryer [ GW22956 ]

GoWISE Electric Air Fryer 7-Quart Pros & Cons


  • Lets you fry, roast, broil, dehydrate, grill, bake, reheat, or keep warm all in 1 appliance
  • Allowing you to set the temperature in increments of 5.
  • You can use it as a dehydrator tool
  • Easy cooking followed by easy cleanup
  • Allows you to cook your favorite fried foods with little to no oil and without the mess that comes with deep frying
  • GoWISE is constantly sharing new video recipes, blogs and seasonal recipe books


  • Manufacturer’s warranty can only be requested from customer service
  • The non-stick trays will slowly wear out. You can get fresh ones from the manufacturer

7. Ultrean Electric Hot Air Fryers Oven Oilless Cooker

This Ultimate air fryer is a decent take what air fryers can be. It has a subtle and sizable appearance. It’s a simple tool to use and under a 100 dollars, it is useful consideration.


Highlighted Features

  • Advanced Rapid Air Technology
  • Frontal LCD Display with easy functionality
  • The body is a Scratch Free Modern Design
  • Adjustable temperature setting (180°F-400°F)
  • Adjustable 0-30mins timer
  • LCD display
  • Temperature range 180°F-400°F
  • Nonstick pan, heat-resistant handle, and a detachable dishwasher safe basket
  • Includes nonstick pan, heat-resistant handle, and a detachable dishwasher safe basket
  • Auto switch off timer (0-30mins) and Bonus recipe book

Ultrean Electric Hot Air Fryers

Hot Air Fryers Oven Oilless Cooker Pros & Cons


  • It’s easy to cook and clean the unit after cooking
  • Auto switch off functionality
  • Easy to Clean
  • Aside from air frying you can also grill, roast, and bake your favorite food


  • No touch pad. Conventional buttons.

8. Ultrean 6 Quart Air Fryer

Here’s another Air Fryer by Ultrean to steal you mind. The capacity is sheer mind blowing. Its perfect for you if you are looking for a fryer for the entire family. Here you go


Highlighted Features

  • 6 Quart of internal space
  • Voltage: AC 120V, 60Hz
  • Power: 6QT (1700W)
  • Advanced Rapid Air Technology
  • LCD Digital Touch Screen
  • Adjustable Timer and Temperature
  • Accessible Buttons
  • Scratch Free Modern Design
  • 7 Presets Menus
  • Auto Shut Off & Overheat Protection
  • 1-Year Warranty

Ultrean Air Fryer [ 6 Quart ] 

Ultrean 6 Quart Air Fryer Pros & Cons


  • Lifetime Support
  • Better visibility and ease to use
  • Good enough to serve 3~5 person
  • It is easy to clean and comes with dishwasher safe accessories
  • Fry Tasty Meals with Less or No Oil
  • 360 degrees rapid air frying technology
  • Fries, roast, grill and can also bake your favorite meals
  • Less fat/ less grease. 80% compared with traditional deep fryer
  • Can prepare your Chips, Meat, Shrimp, Cake, Chicken, Steak and Fish
  • The basket is non-stick surface results in fewer residues
  • It’s also dishwasher safe


  • Is a bit sizable. But, stylish though
  • Can seem mysterious but eventually unravels

9. 6-in-1 Electric Power Air Fryers

Here you have another stylish Air fryer that is multi-functional and easy to use under $100. It is a decent sized and smooth painted fryer that will enhance your kitchen to the next level. This what you get for your money


Highlighted Features

  • Auto Shutdown ability
  • Variety of functions to handle a wide array of cooking tasks
  • LED Touch screen operation panel
  • 5 Quarts capacity
  • Overheat Protection
  • Circulating hot air technology
  • Overheat Protection
  • Nonstick Black metal with a hard coating Basket
  • Elegant Black Design

6-in-1  Power Air Fryers

Electric Power Air Fryer Pros & Cons


  • Perfect for chicken, steak, ribs, fish, shrimp
  • Has the ability to broil, roast, bake, grill and BBQ
  • Food grade safe materials to make the cooking process healthier and environmentally friendly
  • This air fryer convection oven requires little to no oil added when cooking
  • Tasty and low fat food with benefits
  • LCD Screen


  • Small size good enough for a small family
  • Low availability.

10. IKISH Digital Electric Air Fryer

Here you go, with the last and final. Its nothing special nor ordinary. This Digital Electric Fryers is another wini win for the end of the line


Highlighted Features

  • Air Flow Technology
  • Has a 4. 2-quart nonstick basket that fits 2 lbs of food
  • Nonstick Basket
  • Cooks without oil
  • Additional Cookbook
  • Is good for Frying, Roasting, Baking, Crisping and Reheating

IKISH Digital Electric Air Fryer

                      IKISH Digital Electric Air Fryer Pros & Cons


  • No oil needed for cooking
  • Suitable for Dishwasher
  • Reduces 80% fat intake
  • Frying, Roasting and Baking etc
  • All Habor products are Nonstick


  • No warranty
  • No customer services

Frequently Asked Question

Do I need to preheat the air fryer?

No, you do not need to preheat the air fryer like the conventional ovens. It will cook your food to crisp without needing any preheating.

Do I need to purchase extras and attachments for my air fryer?

Racks and Pans; typically you will get sets of them at the time of buying the fryer. So, you don’t need to buy anything at first. But, in time as they wear, you will need to buy replacements

How do I prevent food from sticking to my air fryer?

Spray the basket lightly with vegetable oil spray. Using a foil sling can also make cleanup and the removal of certain foods easier, especially fish

Do you need an air fryer if you have a conventional oven?

Yes! It makes life easier in your kitchen, therefore you do need one. You won’t know how better it is than the oven unless you get one

Can you use Aluminum foil in the power air fryer oven?

Yes! However, there are cautionary tips when using aluminium foil. Be careful not to put the aluminium foil right at the bottom of the pan. This is where dirt and all the grease accumulates therefore the flow of air will be disrupted

To Wrap it Up

Air Fryers are the way to go. Ovens are the technology of yesterday. Besides, now that you have a list of The Best Air Fryers Under 100 in 2021, it should not take you long. You know how wand what to look for.

So, access the list and break it down to meet your needs. I hope this was worth your time and you have found what you were looking for.

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